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I got so used to saying ‘no’, I forgot how to say ‘yes’
Once you’ve seen injustice, it’s in your culture’s every facet
I can’t watch movies anymore without analysis,
and my brain’s been taken over by my inner conflict theorist.
And I’m always on the alert for subtle prejudice,
so I can’t simply enjoy something for exactly what it is.

‘Cause once you’ve woke up, you can’t fall asleep.
And you’ll see injustice in damn near everything!
But in the end it’s worth it, for change has begun.
Just don’t get too depressed by the unrighteousness,
and never forget to have fun.

If you take me to a shopping mall, I’m the biggest party pooper.
I’ll get depressed watching consumers try to buy their happiness.
And I’ll search through all the clothing tags to see what was made in sweatshops –
a game who finds the most third-world countries in Abercrombie & Fitch!
And I’ll think how all this useless shit will eventually land in landfills.
And your chipper little shopping trip will be a doom and gloom abyss.

Roommates call me the recycling Nazi, and I’m big on animal rights.
I’m the first to point out the fact when a comment’s heterocentric.
I point out all the evil deeds of the U.S. and big business.
I note when something exploits the poor, or if something is racist.
Come to think, I tend to complain about a wide variety of things.
But I’d like to think it’s not just talk, and effects the way I’m living.

But you see, it’s unhealthy to just say ‘no’, and never really say ‘yes’.
And it’s hard to pull off that whole approach without seeming self-righteous.
You’re not gonna change too many folks’ minds without a little more patience.
So I’ll just try to be a bit less gung-ho, and less uptight, I guess.


from Cobwebs & Constellations, released March 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Scott Steven Erickson Olympia, Washington

Upbeat, quirky, and just a tad bit nihilistic.

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